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'All I Need' Coming Soon!

William Control fans, are you ready? The next music video for Revelations: The Black EP is almost here! I have had the pleasure of filming this video for William, and I certainly hope I do not disappoint you all. This video has been quite the adventure. From exploring deep in Los Angeles in the dead of night (and dealing with the traffic as well), to brainstorming ideas with William, a vast majority of the filming is completed. With this little blog, I hope to give you guys a small taste of what is to come without giving out too much information.

Upon deciding on a final theme for this video, William sent me straight to work. With the help of my boyfriend and assistant, the both of us drove out and about to scout the perfect locations for this video. You would think that finding florescent and neon lights would be pretty simple to do in LA, right? You are dead wrong. The only places you can find with that type of lighting are beyond crowded, no matter what time of the night you stop by. And the only stand alone buildings with lights bright enough to film by are literally 10 feet wide, not long enough for you to take 4 complete steps until you are surrounded by the LA night. With the time approaching 2am and a 30 minute drive home ahead of me, I was about to call it quits on locations. My boyfriend managed to convince me to exit through Little Tokyo as a last resort. Me being exhausted, I focused on driving while he looked around at the empty streets around us. Right before I turned onto the street leading towards the freeway home, we saw it. The PERFECT locations (yes, TWO locations) for this video. We sent photos of the locations to William for approval and his exact words were "Yes, wow, where the fuck is that?", which is a 'Yes' in William speak.

The next 2 days, we drug Will out of his hotel room at midnight and filmed. And it wouldn't be a William Control music video without any sexy, gorgeous ladies in it, now would it? I can guarantee that this video is full of just that. I won't try to convince you about how amazing the footage looks. I'll just let the video speak for itself upon its completion. The generosity and kindness Will has showed me through this entire process is truly amazing. The amount of trust he has put in me to make his vision a reality is truly a great feeling and I hope to live up to his expectations.

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