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Working With William Control.

This man goes by many names: WiL, William, William Francis, but the name everyone recognizes is William Control. For those of you that are not aware, I currently shoot Mr.Control's merchandise for his (newly) named clothing brand Submit Clothing. There isn't a long or intricate story as to how this business relationship came to be, but I am more than happy to elaborate.

BTS photo of Submit Clothing Shoot

The first time I watched William perform was early 2015 in SoCal. A friend of mine (a die hard fan) had invited me to the show, and with the knowledge that this was to be an acoustic-only performance, I agreed to go since I knew I wasn't going to be smacked or pushed around by any over-aggressive crowds. I am ashamed to admit that I literally had to google search live concert footage beforehand to get an idea for the unofficial 'official' dress-code and within the first 10 seconds, I had a perfect understanding of what was expected. I laced on a black leather corset, my thigh highs, boots and ventured into the night, ready to be entertained. I was instantly hooked with his acoustic performance of his original song "Noir" (footage from the performance I attended - NOT MY VIDEO) and was keen on hearing more once I returned home. I quickly became a fan of his music and knew that I wanted to be involved with this man on a business level. At that time, I had just started pursuing photography and knew that if I were to ask him for a photo session, I would be turned away no questions asked. I allowed myself to build my portfolio and finally built the courage to contact him on social media regarding his clothing. Upon the realization that he had followed me back on instagram, I messaged him on a whim saying "So when are you going to let me shoot your merch?". To which he replied "Give me an address", and the rest is history.

I am very happy to say that our business relationship has blossomed into a friendship full of creativity and respect. Whenever he is in my area, he just shoots me a text message to drop by and pick up new clothing, and I get straight to shooting. Or if he is performing, he generously signs me into his shows free of charge and has given me media passes to get the perfect shots of him and The Neuromantic Boys. I am very thankful to have such a creative and kind artist as a friend and associate and I cannot wait to collaborate with him in his future endeavors.

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