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My Favorite Models!

In the short time of seriously pursuing photography, I have been beyond lucky with the support system that I have been given. The people that are actively helping me with my craft exceed my immediate family, and I am very grateful to call all of them very good friends. I thought I would dedicate this post to a few of them that have given me their time and have been so patient and watched me grow into a better photographer that is still learning to this day.


Brittani and I have known of each other since elementary school, but never actually KNEW each other until we were both out of high school and started to pursue our creative careers in the real world. I decided to contact Brittani after all these years to collaborate on a music project (she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, so I definitely recommend checking out her youtube channel!), and after that project, we quickly became friends and creative partners. Whenever I need a makeup artist in a pinch, Brittani is always there, ready and willing to take on any of my crazy ideas I have planned for her. Brittani is a certified esthetician and an amazingly talented makeup artist. Truthfully, most of my current work would not exist without her. From day 1, she has been more than willing to model for me and provide her makeup skills for other clients of mine. I am forever grateful for her friendship.



Kiana, where do I start with her? She and I had came into contact 3 years ago through mutual friends. I sent her a friend request on facebook and I basically told her how gorgeous I thought she was and that she just had to come model for me for a photography class I was enrolled in my first semester of college. She graciously accepted my offer and things just took off from there. Kiana was the main model that became my guinea pig for learning new photography techniques. She and I pretty much learned our crafts with each other, learning how to pose models, lighting techniques, and she learned on the modeling end. In those three years of collaboration, we have gone from referencing tumblr and sending each other screenshots of other models, to creating new, exciting and original content without any effort. Kiana is not only an incredibly beautiful model, but an even greater self-taught makeup artist as well. She often cosplays as well, making and sewing her own costumes and transforming her identity on a constant basis. Please be sure to check out her youtube channel and look for her at cons!!




Emily and I met 2 years ago in the end of 2015. I discovered her on instagram after her old music group disbanded, and we had arranged a few weeks later to meet. After just one visit, we quickly became the greatest of friends. I often found myself forgetting how young she was (16), due to her maturity and extreme vocal talent. She is now fronting her own music project Into The Further, a metal band located in Los Angeles. Emily and I quickly found ourselves spending each and every day we had available with each other, often dedicating entire weekends to each other. In that time, Emily allowed me to grow as a videographer, allowing me to learn proper editing styles, and how to be a business woman. It has been such an honor to watch her grow not only in age, but as a musician and person. I had the pleasure of watching her write and record her debut EP, and observing her pour her heart and soul into her art. Check out her band on Itunes and Spotify, and be sure to pick up a digital copy for yourself!!



Let me start by saying how Shy's personality is just as beautiful as her outer appearance. Shy is extremely intelligent and has the best work ethic I have ever seen. Shy and I came to know each other less than a year ago. I had just created my concept of my first mini video series (Watch My Harley Quinn Video Series Here), and I had stumbled across her social media the same day. I sent her a message begging her to let me shoot with her, and the rest is history. Shy is a natural model, whether she agrees or not! Whenever she isn't modeling for me, she is always working or tending to her school work. Shy has never once turned down a single idea of mine and is willing to go the extra mile for the perfect photo. It is hard to believe that she hasn't signed with a major modeling agency, with her exceptional knowledge of the industry, poses and beauty (her smile is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!). I am beyond lucky to not only enjoy her presence when we shoot, but also at our place of employment. Shy is the kind of person that you will never grow tired of. She is not only a perfect model, but an even better friend. Her generosity and kindness towards others has me often reflecting on myself, and I can truly say that she is a person that brings out the best in others.


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