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Bloody-Good Times.... (bad pun intended)

So here it is, my first blog post! Due to the recent popularity and demand of these shoots, I've chosen this topic to be the first that I will write about. Over the past year, I have been DYING to attempt a more dramatic and full-coverage shoot involving special fx makeup. For those that are in close contact with me, they have heard me mention my interest in shooting a dark and vampire-ish shoot with blood and lingerie for months on end. The reason I had put off attempting this kind of shoot is due to the fact that this kind of shoot is MESSY. For the few that I have already shot in this look, they can attest to the fact that this fake blood is not only thick and realistic, but it stains every porous surface on your body. As for your clothing, I have required all of my models to wear dark colors due to the blood staining all clothing as well.

ANYWAY - Here was the basic run-down of how these photosets came to exist! With the help of my very good friend Brittani Schulist, she aided in bringing my bloody fantasies to life! Brittani is one of the greatest makeup artists I have had the pleasure of meeting (and self-taught, I might add. Her contact information will be listed at the end of this posting). She and I have practically grown up alongside each other, going to the same elementary and middle school, but we never actually communicated due to different social circles. It wasn't until early 2016 that her and I came into contact with each other again, wanting to collaborate with both our crafts for the purpose of building our portfolios. Afterward, her and I continued to work with each other with music, makeup and photography, and our blossoming friendship was inevitable and I could not be more thankful for her generosity and skill.

Brittani arrived at my living quarters early in the morning to prepare the extensive makeup work for our model Alaina Maria. Alaina and I have known each other through musical projects in the year previous, and she graciously offered to model for this messy shoot, and how could I deny? Alaina arrived and was pampered by Brittani, allowing her to turn her from a clear-skinned blonde to a blood-sucking creature of the night. Brittani stayed for the entire shoot time to apply the blood, painting it on and to help with my lighting as well. To prevent blood staining the flooring of my mini at-home studio, I had placed and taped down black industrial-sized trash bags that my dad acquired from his workplace beforehand. Accompanied by my black backdrop, it gave the illusion of a perfect black abyss behind Alaina in the final photos. Including the makeup application time, this entire shoot took about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Amazingly enough, not a single drop of blood had gotten on me or Brittani, leaving us just to assist Alaina in scrubbing it off her entire body. Both of these lovely ladies definitely made my job much easier and allowed the entire process to flow smoothly. I would definitely recommend either of these gorgeous ladies for both modeling and makeup application.

The final photos of this set lead to my first international publication in not only one, but two magazines (photo above). I will also provide the links to purchase the two amazing magazines that feature my photos. With that being said, if anyone else is interested in this style of photo set, don't hesitate to contact me on my "collaborate" tab, or find me on facebook or instagram! :)

MyAlternative Magazine:

XPressions Magazine:



Brittani Schulist (MUA):

Alaina Maria (MODEL):

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