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"Working with Stephanie has helped me build a portfolio of my makeup artistry. She makes me feel so confident not just as a MUA, but as a model. I always feel so comfortable around her, and she is great if you need photos within a certain period of time. She can give you amazing quality photos in a quick matter if needed. It's always an exciting experience whenever we come together in a project and I'm blessed to have her not just as a photographer, but as a friend,"

-Brittani Schulist, Internationally Published MUA, Internationally Published Model

"The amazing work that Stephanie has done for my band and I has absolutely surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Her incredible work ethic insures that the final product will be nothing short of astonishing. On top of that, working with her is great as she creates such a comfortable and positive environment; one where work can get done without feeling pressured in any way, shape or form. Ultimately, Stephanie's talents in photography are undoubtedly exquisite. I cannot recommend her enough,"

-Fernando Pelayo, Guitarist of

"The Soulless Architect"

"Working with Stephanie is always an absolute pleasure. Her keen eye for detail, creative ideas and astounding work ethic have consistently garnered incredible final products. Without a doubt, I'd recommend her to anybody looking for a genuine photographer or videographer that not only provides quick, excellent results, but also makes the entire experience a fun, memorable time!"

-Hector Soulless, Vocalist of "The Soulless Architect"

"My absolute favorite photo duo! More than 80% of my portfolio is made up of photos taken by one of these two gorgeous people. They are an amazing team to work with! When we started together, I really had no idea what I was doing in terms of posing. I never really had an idea, and we would often resort to looking up photos on tumblr and attempting to recreate them. Now, we've shot together so many times, that it's starting to feel a lot more natural for me to come up with poses. Stephanie is also an amazing videographer, and always has such creative ideas for shoots. Every time she sends me a concept or an idea, I am just SO pumped to get working on it! She's extremely tolerant of how often I'm either sick or my car has broken down, which I am eternally grateful for. 

Stephanie and Spenser have given me so many opportunities to improve, and I can't wait to keep shooting with them!"

-Kiana Beuler, Internationally Published Model and MUA

"Stephanie and Spenser are the best photographers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. It's really not even working, more like hanging out and the end product always turns out amazing. I look forward to every shoot that I do and can't wait until the next one!"

-Shy Brumby, Internationally Published 


"Stephanie Carrasco, of St. Claire Photography, is a highly motivated individual with immense passion to create the most unique and inspiring photos/videos customized to fit anyone's needs. Her passion to create is clearly seen in how she masterfully pieces together all client requests for the sessions. I have worked with her on multiple occasions for different themes. Each time she continues to amaze me.  She is well versed in many styles of imagery which include, but not limited to; vintage, modern, professional, and alternative shoots. I recommend her to anyone looking for photography or video graphics work, as she is one of the best I've been lucky to collaborate with," 

-Alaina Maria, Internationally Published Model

"When I reached out to Stephanie to do my music video, she was so excited and was so ready to hear all my ideas, and she answered every single question I had. We had multiple facetime calls and she constantly made sure she and I were on the same page while asking me what I wanted, because she wanted to make sure my video came out exactly how I wanted, and I really appreciate that. In my video, I was partially nude and then eventually full nude, and she made me feel incredibly comfortable the entire time. We shot my whole video in one day, and she was the most patient, fun, and amazing people I've ever worked with. My video looks absolutely perfect and it didn't break the bank for me, which was a concern of mine before I wanted to make my video! One of the coolest and kindest people I've ever met, and I can't wait to work with her again,"


-Alina Reanna, Vocalist of "Light My Way"

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